11 January 2018: The following warning is probably still accurate.

22 March 2006: This site is horribly out of date and should be ignored.

Special thanks to PORTERFIELD.net for hosting this tutorial!

OK, with the shameless plug out of the way, this is the beginning of an RPG tutorial. Before you get too excited... If you're looking for games, you're in the wrong place! RPG is a computer language used on IBM AS/400 and other computer systems.


This course is designed to be a brief overview of RPG to get new programmers started and hopefully entertain the curious.

Some elements of DDS and AS/400 commands will be covered.


While not technically required, an AS/400 is strongly recommended for this course.

In order to actually run the programs, the student must have access to an RPG compiler and sufficient authority to modify source files and compile programs.

Prior programming experience is not required, but may help understanding some parts of this course.


LESSON 1: Introduction

LESSON 2: Database Overview

LESSON 3: Your First Program

LESSON 4: Where to go from here?


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